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Exposed News: The "Exposed News" www.exposednews.in Portal/channel was created from April 2020 thinking that the coming time is going to be digital, On this subject I have done my Post Graduation from MBA department AMU in 2013-14 During the research, I also did a research under the guidance of a professor, and found that the time to come will be digital only, in which to read online news, buy things, study, finding jobs and bring awareness among the youth through social media.

We publish mostly news of Aligarh Muslim University prominently in Aligarh, in addition to all the small big news of Aligarh and also the news of Etah, Kasganj, Hathras, Atrauli of Aligarh Division.

Apart from this, some news is also run abroad, so that people can get news of events and information happening around the world.

We also provide our news on the web portal as well as social media's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, WhatsApp, Flickr, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, MeWe, Share Chat etc.

Our channel's RNI license has also been applied for Newspaper "EXPOSED NEWS", which is in Pending, which we are engaged in getting ourselves run, after which we will publish newspapers soon.

Therefore, you are requested to become like a founder member of the channel and play an important role by helping this "Exposed News" news channel, so that better work can be done.

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